In-coming Carrier Info

Are you on your way? Call and give us an ETA!

Call us at (708) 735-8287. Give us your load information along with the time you plan to arrive at Corey. We will try to have your load waiting on the dock upon your arrival. Help us help you reduce your turn-around time!

Check in at the Shipping Office

You will arrive at Corey via 61st Court. Pass through the Corey gate, park on 61st Court and then follow the signs to the Shipping Office.

Customer Loading Requirements

The carrier is ultimately responsible for how material is loaded on his trailer. However, where a customer has specific loading requirements (on the rear, with spacers, etc.), those requirements must be followed. If there is a question or problem with loading instructions, please speak with the shift foreman.

Material Quality

To ensure that our customers receive good quality product and to prevent a claim, the carrier should protect the material against moisture and preserve the surface of the bars as indicated below:

–Moisture. The material is very sensitive to moisture. The load must be well tarped prior to leaving our dock area. Waxed paper is also available to better protect the load from moisture. All of our material is treated with a rust preventative oil (even if the bundle looks “dry”). However, if you suspect you may have problems en route with humidity, condensation or other moisture, feel free to request the loaders to add extra oil.

–Surface Finish. To avoid damage to the surface of the bars, ensure they are protected from contact with hard surfaces (chains, pry bars, etc.). Also, avoid walking on the bundles.

Lumber is available for sale

We expect that carriers will provide their own lumber. However, if you find you are in need of bulkheads or blocks, we can usually supply that to you at cost.

Directions by truck